Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kamui Gakupo - chaosmaid

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I might be making a Len version of this, too... and he'll probably have a much better... um... "sex noise" than Gakupo here. It will also be slightly easier to imagine Len in a situation like this.

This was originally done with the vocals of Acme Iku.

Programs Used:

VOCALOID2 - Vocals

Audacity - Adding of echo, volume control, sync with off-vocal/karaoke track.

Adobe Photoshop CS4 - Picture editing. (Picture originally in color, without blood from

Windows Movie Maker - For adding subtitles and putting together.

I found a vsq for this, but I changed it a little so it wasn't too high for Gakupo, but unfortunately, it came it sounding flat in some places because I didn't transpose it very well.

Download MP3

English Lyrics:

Lies lock themselves in front of me
Again keeping a tormenting secret in quiet
With the key to taboo, I'll make the answer
By tearing up Master's silence with a scream

An avid partier opening the curtains
To the utmost shame and insult

I'm thinking hard, unable to move my arms and legs
Trying to escape, and soon giving up

I know that slavery is a virtue
Everything would break if it weren't
You can boast of obedience
When you try to crawl away
I know that love is painful
Tied with a logic synapse
Dancing to an impure melody
For whom will you be so unsightly?

Spraying in a vivid arc
Shouting like a wild animal
I've been broken (censored) (censored) (censored)
I've been distorted (censored) (censored) (censored)


manako tareru ri wa itsuwari no joumae
sainama reshi himitsu kasane te fusai de
toku wa ima kinki no kusabi o tate te
nagaki chinmoku wa mata saka re todoroi ta

kyouen no
kyouen no
maku wa raku
maku wa raku
shuutai to
shuutai to
ryoujoku no
ryoujoku no

sakari no hate

karami tsuku shisaku wa shishi o katame te
mi modaeru ma mo naku ishi wo keshi saru

reizoku wa bitoku to shire?
otsu wa ri to chikatte
fukujuu wo hokori to shi chi wo
hau ga sadame to seyo
itami wa aijou to shire
tsunage shinapusu no rojikku
inbi no shirabe ni mae
buzama na dare zo tame ni are to

azayaka na shibuki ko wo egaku
sakebe kemono you ni

koware teiku-iku-iku
igan deiku-iku-iku

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