Friday, April 30, 2010

My Personal Cover of Love Is War


See, I auditioned for my school's variety show with this song, and I tried very hard. 32 people auditioned, and only 15 could make the list. I was not of those 15, and I cried a little when I found out... but... whatever. There's always next year.

I'm not a very good singer, so this is just for fun, I guess. I ran out of breath a couple times, because I forgot about the breathing-from-the-abs technique and breathed from my chest instead. Sorry about that.

I didn't write the song or draw the picture (I just recolored a Love is War picture of Miku... cause she looks kinda like me, with the long hair and the average body type.) And yes, I am a natural brown-eyed-blonde, if you're wondering.

One more thing: It's EXTREMELY difficult to match up a separate vocal track to a karaoke track, because they don't start at the same time. I apologize that it's a little off-sync.

Thanks for listening to my crappy singing. :)

I have already laid out a design for my own UTAU, Yuzaki Akane, so you could call this an un-synthesized Yuzaki Akane version of Love is War... maybe. Um... yeah. I haven't gotten around to actually making this UTAU's voicebank...

(By the way, this is from my YouTube account. You can link to it here. I have some Vocaloid songs on there I made myself as well, if you're interested.)

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